Why We're Sending Our Writer Around the World
Inspiration, empowerment & a year remote

Just a few months ago, our staff writer and content strategist came to us with an opportunity she'd been offered: a chance to travel the world with a digital nomad community called Remote Year.

“I want to work remotely for an entire year—from twelve different countries around the world."

Spoiler Alert: We not only allowed Clare to go, we encouraged her. Here’s why: In a nutshell, we care about the future of our team, and technology makes it possible. And pragmatically speaking, if we want to attract and keep the best talent and remain competitive, we can’t afford not to.

Invest & Empower

If you went by what the media tells us, great company culture is measured in foosball tables and “free” perks. F*** foosball tables. We know from experience that great culture is fueled by one all-encompassing practice: empowerment.

The same things that made me want to start my own business are the same things that motivate a talented team. To be in control of your own future, empowered to take risks, invested in something bigger than yourself—that’s the spark that attracts and drives top talent. Banish your team to a cubicle and take away their power to speak up, to contribute, to own a new strategy, and you take away your own chances for agency success.

Lesson learned: talent is more likely to grow roots with a company that recognizes their worth, and reciprocates with real co-investment into their career. Instead of feeling like a replaceable "resource," they feel valued and empowered and will ultimately give you their best work.

Sharpen & Spark

That being said, great culture is not enough. We're not assembling widgets here. Cultivating talent and reaching a benchmark of better work means finding new ways to sharpen their skills and expand their creative capacity. Continually invest in professional development and seek out unique, unexpected opportunities—this kind of talent needs challenges and opportunities to spark and fuel their growth.

In the case of our resident world traveler, writing (and writing well) requires a reservoir of ideas and experiences to draw from, far beyond the mundane or repetitive.

That's why we sent our writer around the world—to flex her talents with unique experiences and daily challenges, and take a few wanderlust photos along the way. Every morning, she’ll wake up in a country way outside the confines of her comfort zone, where creative growth becomes the only constant.

Remote, but not remote

Of course, it can be challenging enough to empower your team when they’re on the other side of a wall, but the other side of the world adds a whole new set of obstacles. They might be dispersed, but they shouldn’t feel disconnected—both from a logistical perspective and a cultural one.

Never before have we lived in a time where technology affords this level of connectedness and flexibility. It turns a siloed staff person into a productive team member who can collaborate virtually with colleagues and clients alike. Below are a few of the tools and technology we use to make communication and collaboration more efficient for both our internal and dispersed teams.

Don’t miss out on the remote work revolution. It can help you find, attract, and keep better talent in new and unexpected ways. Is that something you can afford to take for granted?

The Tools We Use to Make it Work:

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- Ben Cash, Founder & Strategist