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Web Application Development Case Study

BlueKey was contracted by Newkirk Environmental in 2006 to develop a tablet-pc based system construction site inspections, specifically those related to storm water compliance.


  • The system must be easy to use, with navigation designed specifically for the tablet PC in outdoor conditions.
  • The tablet application should mirror the paper-based forms the inspectors are accustomed to filling out, yet allow for photographs, etc.
  • Many of the construction sites are remote, and as such will likely not have Internet access. The tablets need to run on their own.
  • Upon returning to the office after a day of inspections, the tablets will synchronize with the rest of the system, generate archive copies of the reports, and make those reports available to various agencies, organizations, and individuals in a secure environment. Users may also subscribe to e-mail notifications.


BlueKey developed a system comprised of several conjoined applications, with each application able to function independently yet also seamlessly integrate with the rest of the system. Using the latest in web technologies, including PHP, MySQL, AJAX, and Javascript, we were able to establish each tablet as a standalone web server. The benefits of this approach were numerous, but primarily it allowed for a single development environment that was independent of operating system, leading to reduced costs and easier maintainability.